Refinance RV Loan Options Available - Are You Ready?

Why refinance your recreational vehicle?

A refinance RV loan can help you in many different ways. Everyone’s financial circumstance is different, and it is up to the individual person to learn how to pay attention to his/her budgetary and financial needs. Only you can see if you are paying too much each month on your current interest rate and loan, and only you can see if your equity is growing or is stagnant. A refinance RV loan can work for you and can literally save you money in both the long and short term of things.

Since you are already an owner of a recreational vehicle, you have already proven yourself and your financial ability to maintain a loan. Did you know that RV owners have the trust of financial lenders, like us, much more so than automobile buyers? If you think it is time for you to apply for a refinance RV loan, then the process is an easy one and our online application guarantees customer satisfaction, an easy to use form, and 100% privacy for you and your loan application. If you are still uncertain as to whether or not you are ready for a loan to refinance your recreational vehicle, then take a look at the following top five reasons why people choose to refinance.

Reason #1:

Lessen your debt more quickly

Through a refinance RV loan, you might be able to get out of debt more quickly. By refinancing, you will be able to change your loan term payment to a higher interval per month. For example, you might be able to change how much you pay and pay it at a shorter term. By doing this, you will be saving money (possibly thousands of dollars!) on the interest of your loan term and you will own your recreational vehicle sooner. What a great deal!

Reason #2:

Debt-Throw all of your debts together and lower your personal bill payments!

A refinance RV loan has the potential to give you a larger loan where you can add some or maybe all of your personal debt into it. Oftentimes the loan you took out to finance your first recreational vehicle will have been taken out at a higher interest rate, but through a refinance RV loan, you may have to option to lock in at a lower rate. This means that you will have a higher monetary advance, which will allow for consolidation and lower your bill pay each month.

Reason #3:


A refinance RV loan will give you the opportunity to put a value on what your RV is worth. Equity is the difference in what your recreational vehicle is worth and what you still owe on it. Through refinancing you are taking the estimated value of your RV and putting it up (or cashing it out) as a sort of collateral. It is encouraged to research this step if you are interested in refinancing your loan on your RV, and it could be worth it. You could end up receiving extra money for the value of your RV and putting it towards something else you deem important.

Reason #4:

Interest Rates

One of the most common reasons people apply for a refinance RV loan is because of the interest rate. Not only do you have the high possibility to lock in at a lower rate than what your first loan was at, but you have the option to choose how you want your rate to be locked in. For example, do you want a fixed refinance RV loan rate (long term savings, stable, consistent payment) or do you want an adjustable loan rate (starting with a low interest rate that adjusts throughout the life of the loan)? Some other interest rate options are: interest only, zero down payment (usually for first time finance applicants), and cash-out (based on equity built). Ask us about what different options we have that will match your refinancing needs!

Reason #5:

Lower monthly payments

Through refinancing you will be able to lower your monthly loan payment, which will give you more money to play with, invest, or do what you will in the long run. What more could you ask for?!

Refinancing is a big decision to make. We are here to help you through the entire loan process, and we encourage you to ask as many questions as you want. We are here for you, always.


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