When it comes to RV financing...
Low Delinquency Percentage Rate = Low Annual Percentage Rate!

The norm is not the norm when it comes to the RV financing market. So the facts are in and the norms are out, at least when it comes to RV financing rates. RV financing rates have historically been some of the lowest loan rates you could obtain for anything requiring a loan. From the beginning, RV loan rate options had been until that time, pretty much unheard of. An RV loan is one of the easiest types of loans to get with some of the lowest rates and the best terms.

As with every blip on the radar, there is a cause and effect, a reason if you will. This is true too of RV financing. That being said, let us pose a question; where does this willingness come from? A financial institutions decision is usually made on statistics, and facts; it is a numbers game. This is also true in the case of the RV loan specialists’ willingness to offer such fantastic options such as; extended terms, zero down loans, and extremely low rates.

Financial institutions are willing to offer such advantages for several reasons, and to explore these reasons helps us to understand the hope we might have for the future when it comes to loans and the rates and terms associated with them. Statistically, individuals that take out RV loans have placed themselves in a rare category. The average RV loan has less than a 2% chance of being delinquent, ever. When this rarity was uncovered, lending institutions became impressed and then lenient. Offering the types of rates, and benefits leading up to the ones we see today.

One such company offering RV loans is PRC RV Financing, an internet based company. Clint Ethington, Manager of PRC RV Financing says that the trick is not finding a good RV loan rate, but choosing a financial institution that provides everything in between. “Make sure they will see the loan through. Not all companies offer extended loan terms, pre payment penalty-free loans, or zero down loans.” Ethington heads a company that is a full service financial institution providing tax services, and even extended maintenance agreements.

Statistically speaking, the world would be much more affordable if we were all in the 2% chance of delinquency category. A category that has been solely created and sustained by the RV loan consumer.


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