Is the Interest on Your RV Loan Tax Deductible

There is a rumor going around that motorhome owners are able to take advantage of tax deductions through the IRS. The good new is that it is not just a rumor. It is an actual fact. Some or most RV enthusiasts can reap the benefit of IRS tax deductions while enjoying the purchase of their beloved family RV.

For numerous RV buyers, the interest on their motorhome loan is tax deductible through the IRS. Your motorhome may be considered as a second home mortgage, in which case, making you RV interest tax deductible. There are stipulations: there are certain essential amenities that your motorhome must be equipped with in order to qualify as a second home mortgage.

In order to have the interest on your RV loan tax deductible through the IRS, you must meet all qualifications. Due to the fact that the motorhome must be seen as a second home, it must be usable as an area in which one could be fully sustained, as in a regular home. First and foremost, the RV must be used as security for the loan. There are certain interior requirements proving that home like accommodations are existing as well. These accommodations include a basic sleeping quarter, or sleeping area in the RV. The motorhome must also have a working toilet and certain cooking accommodations as well. Most RV's come pre-equipped with each of these amenities. If they are not pre-equipped, they are more than likely upgradeable to the status of qualified by simply adding the necessary accommodations.

Wanda Perez, a 63 year old RV full-timer has enjoyed the full time RV lifestyle for approximately 4 years. Wanda recently upgraded her motorhome to a larger vehicle after deciding that she needed more space to store the priceless trinkets that she has collected in her 4 years of travel. While in the purchasing process Wanda was informed that her new motorhome is tax deductible, so to speak. "I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that my RV loan's interest could get me a tax deduction, I never knew such a thing existed", comments Wanda.

Clint Ethington, Manager of PRC RV Financing adds that virtually all recreational vehicle types can be considered a second home mortgage because they are all upgradeable to meet the necessary requirements. "Motorhomes, travel trailers, truck campers, van campers, and some folding campers can be equipped to qualify", comments Ethington.


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