Client Testimonials For PRC RV Financing

You're awesome. Thank you for actually making this an enjoyable experience. Not only did you provide excellent service, but we got the best rate on the internet!  We are so excited to take out our new RV.  Thanks for making it possible.  Take care,


Financing with PRC was a great experience. Everyone treated us fairly and with the utmost respect. All the paperwork involved was very easy and self-explanatory and most of all very fast. We thank you and we will gladly recommend PRC Financing to our friends.


We want to thank you PRC Financing for the wonderful job you have done on the loan for our motorhome. We didn't even think we could get a loan, let alone at this rate. We are just completely in love with our RV and will shout from the highest mountain where we got our loan.


We live in Washington and found the RV we have been looking for in Texas. We were quoted rates by the dealer at almost 3/4 of a percent higher than what we received at PRC Financing. So, not only did we receive a low rate, but with us living in one state and buying our RV in another, PRC Financing was able to get our loan done with no hold ups (and in a timely manner).


Several years ago we had purchased a 1999 Monaco Diplomat at 9% (which was then a good rate). Just recently we decided to refinance our RV and some friends told us about PRC Financing (were they got their loan done). PRC Financing was able to get our loan down to a lower rate that saves us 100s and even 1000s over the course of our loans. This saved us hundreds of dollars a month and thousands over the course of our loan..


We want to let everyone know about PRC Financing's great warranties. We were able to get a 4-year extended warranty on the motorhome we just bought. We are first time RVers and were very nervous about the whole thing, but the people at PRC Financing made us feel very comfortable with our decisions. Thank you so much.



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